Team Members

Team Members

Enroot is brought forth by a diverse and skilled team of youth experienced in social and economic development.


Mariam AbdelKarim

Business Development Executive

Waleed Ali

Business Development Officer

Sarah El-Arousy

Communication Officer

Obaida Hegazy

Graphic Designer


Ahmed Amin

Programs Manager

Abdelrahman Khaled

Program Executive

Rana El-Tanbadawy

Program Executive

Asmaa Waheed

Project Officer

Sarah Attia

Project Officer


Amira Fekry

Senior Program Executive

Asim Saleh

Operation Executive

Farah Badr

Program Executive

Engy Hossam El-Shahawy

Program Executive

Maria Basta

Program Executive

Amira Abdelgelil

Research Assistant

Maram Nabil

Program Officer


Mohammed Hamdy

Finance Manager

Omar Ramadan

General Accountant

Israa Abou El-Fotouh

Office Manager