Our Work

Our Work

Enroot sets its focus on creating evidence-based solutions that can change the lives of youth – female and male – of target communities and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We consider ourselves as an innovative accelerator for sustainable development in Egypt and the Region. We’re not here to suggest Traditional Approaches. We’re here to develop Disruptive Models that can change the lives of underserved communities.”

Dr.Alaa Fahmy
CEO, Enroot

Countries in Which We Have Worked

Always focused on the root-causes of challenges and capitalizing on the target’s group untapped potential, we identify and execute projects as well as conduct research aimed at promoting inclusive and sustainable economic development of underserved communities.

Implemented Activities in Egypt

Since 2018, we have established and extended our activities in Upper Egypt and Northern Egypt in collaboration with grass-root partners and partnerships with public universities.

Development Division

We offer tailored interventions that are needs-based and market-responsive to promote youth – female and male – empowerment.

We maintain a facilitator role in our interventions, which ensures the sustainability of our interventions that builds on the empowerment of our beneficiaries.

Research Division

We capitalize on diverse research methodologies that are tailored to fit the objectives of the study at hand.

We are committed to identifying the root-causes of challenges, unravelling the potential of target communities, and recommending evidence-based solutions to our partners.


MASAAR follows a tested approach that builds on the untapped potential of Upper Egypt and its youth. Our edge lies in the provision of tailored interventions that respond to the needs of our beneficiaries – breaking the “one size fits all” methodologies.