At Enroot, we carry out a double complementary task: we design and implement development projects focusing on youth empowerment and engagement. With the same token, we offer wide specialty and expertise in conducting evidence-based research that informs the development sector.

Development Division

We carry a wide range of youth – female and male – empowerment intervention programs across multiple governorates in Egypt.

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Programs

We promote among youth – female and male – the entrepreneurial mindset as well as advance their business ideation and management skills.

Employability Trainings

We advance the employability skills of youth – female and male – through intensive awareness and capacity building programs, while capitalizing on their potential as well as the demand-market prospects.

Institutional Strengthening

We contribute to strengthening the capacities of our grass-root partners and national counterparts to advance the sustainability of our interventions.

Cluster and Value Chain Development

We promote the cohesiveness and development of target value chains through implementing a market system and cluster development approach.

Research Division

We offer expertise and extensive knowledge in multiple research methodologies that offer informed solutions and recommendations to our partners.

Diagnostic Studies

We work on different lines of diagnostic research covering a wide range of target groups and locations, which provides in depth analysis to the matter at hand.

Project Design and Evaluation

We have developed solid expertise in designing development projects and carrying out project evaluations using robust methodologies to advance the expected impact of interventions.

Strategy Design

We develop different strategy documents that support our partners in aligning their vision – and planned interventions – to respond to strategic priorities.

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Recent Work

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