Plasma Applications and Future Mushroom

We Couldn’t be prouder!

Enroot Development congratulates “Future Mushroom” and “Plasma Applications in biomedicine start- on being chosen among pioneer students at Sohag University as they have briefed H.E. President AbdelFattah Elsisi on their outstanding scientific and agribusiness projects that were conducted in line with Egypt’s Vision for 2030.

“Future Mushroom” start-up aims to provide healthy food for their local community and decrease the accumulation of agricultural waste.

While “Plasma Applications” start-up work in the field of medical technology and aims at providing Treatment to diabetic wounds, Hand sanitizing, treating agricultural seeds using plasma as well as water treatment and purification.

Back in 2021 and 2022, The (2) startups received entrepreneurship training including Refining the startups’ business, financial, and marketing plans and receiving business development service consultations among other activities designed by MASAAR program.

“MASAAR” Sohag incubation program is designed by Enroot Development in collaboration with Sohag University and is being funded by Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt.